Make a Swift Mobile

Inspired by the beautiful swift art installation in Princesshay Exeter? Have a go at making your own swift mobile with the instructions below;


You will Need: Plastic 4 pint milk bottle – cut into one flat piece by an adult / Wool or string / Coat hanger / Scissors / Pencil / Paper

  • Step 1

Carefully cut your template out of this sheet of paper.

  • Step 2

Use your pencil to trace your template onto your milk bottle three times.

  • Step 3

Carefully cut your three swifts out of your milk bottle.

  • Step 4

Cut two pieces of string of different lengths and attach to your coat hanger.

  • Step 5

Get an adult to pierce a hole in the centre of each swift.

  • Step 6

Thread two swifts on to the longer piece of string and one on the other. Secure each with a knot.


Now you’re ready to hang your swift mobile and enjoy watching your swifts fly!


Help the environment by recycling your scraps of plastic.