Holiday toys for kids

We know it can be hard to think of new ways to keep little ones entertained throughout the summer – but worry not! We’ve got you covered with this colourful edit of toys, games and activities…


  1. A snorkel set is a brilliant way to make your child confident and enthusiastic about swimming in the sea. They’ll be entertained for hours and will love discussing what they see. £7, Debenhams
  2. Keep everyone entertained on the flight or journey to your holiday destination with this fun travel book, £5 from Flying Tiger Copenhagen
  3. Encourage your children to scrapbook their summer holiday so they can always look back and remember the different places you visit and activities you do. £8.50, Smiggle 
  4. These bright ice cream sand moulds are brilliant for the beach! £2, Flying Tiger Copenhagen
  5. Little budding gymnasts will love this colourful twirling ribbon, £7 from Smiggle
  6. Give your kids a taste of the old days with this retro Space Hopper, £10 from Debenhams. 
  7. This unicorn skittles set from Next is a lovely idea for some competitive family fun. £19