Introducing Mondo Scripto, by Bob Dylan

Castle Fine Art has now unveiled Mondo Scripto. The first of its kind from Dylan, the collection features a selection of the artist’s most renowned lyrics, each handwritten by him in pen on paper and accompanied by an original pencil drawing – offering for the first time ever a visual representation of the artist’s lyrics.

No one has captured the art world quite like Bob Dylan. From his musical influence to his Nobel Prize winning lyrical poetry, the artist and musician has captivated audiences for over six decades.

Mondo Scripto embodies the dawning of a new age in Bob Dylan’s visual arts journey to date. Within these artworks, we see the artist purposefully merge his art and his music for the first time ever, having previously kept the disciplines distinctly separate. Reinvention fuels a great deal of Dylan’s artistic output, and Mondo Scriptois the latest such volte-face. Dylan’s legions of collectors and fans worldwide have come to expect constant experimentation and evolution from him both as a musician and artist, and never has that been more evident than in these works.

This collection of artwork will be viewed in years to come as contextually pivotal in Bob Dylan’s career, and indeed in the wider sphere of popular culture. In blurring the lines between his art forms, he continues to defy genres and challenge preconceived notions of him as an artist. This may indeed prove a defining moment in how future generations refer back to Bob Dylan; will it be as Dylan the musician, Dylan the writer or Dylan the artist? Or, as this direction of travel would suggest, will such definition be not only difficult, but irrelevant? Perhaps the only certainty that Dylan offers is his self-imposed stance as mere custodian of the lyrics he writes and the images he translates into art from his mind’s eye.

Mondo Scripto offers a re-imagined architecture of Dylan’s lyrics, translating them into visual representations of themselves. A multi-sensory narrative that reaches his audience aurally and visually, this is Dylan the storyteller at his best.

“He has made himself a prism through which the music, words, images and experiences that he has found meaningful have refracted in endless variation and become wholly his, and wholly ours –the work of an artist for the ages.” -Mondo Scripto, by Tom Piazza (2018)