Everything you need may not sound quite as rock and roll as anything you want but it’s the only starting point we understand.

We make gear to keep you protected and comfortable in the world’s wildest places. From performance clothing to shoes, luggage and watches we have created a range that is all you need and nothing you don’t.

And everything is built on the original Rohan design principles that were conceived around a kitchen table in North Yorkshire nearly forty years ago and that still make us unique.

Light but durable, highly packable and fast drying gear means you can take less, travel lighter and get more done. And because technical benefits are hidden rather than overt our clothing is much more versatile.

It excels on trails and mountains but fits in, in a much wider range of settings – bringing the technical virtues of performance gear to the everyday.

Rohan is designed and constructed to last. Subtle styles and bomb-proof build mean we have an enviable reputation for longevity. Our gear will look good ten years after the latest designer creations have become obsolete.

Rohan appeals most to those that have chosen not to run in the latest consumer race. We aren’t aiming to raise the bar of aspiration and ostentation higher and higher through false promises and nonsense. We just make gear that delights our customers and delivers on our promise.

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